Scholarships, Work, Financial Aid Opportunities and Cost

In support of academic excellence, both The University of Akron and the College of Business offer a wide variety of scholarships and other opportunities to help students in their educational pursuits. These scholarships are provided by corporations, foundations, professional organizations, faculty, alumni and other individuals.

Federal Work Study Program

Federal College Work Study funding is available to Graduate Students. You should file a FAFSA form and check with The University of Akron Student Financial Aid Office for more information or look up at eligibility information.

College of Business Scholarships

Each year, the College of Business awards more than 100 graduate and undergraduate scholarships to both current CoB students and incoming freshmen.

Graduate Scholarships

University Scholarships

The University of Akron offers scholarships specifically for CoB majors. Learn about the awards that are available.

External Scholarship Opportunities

The University offers scholarships from outside the college made available by various external organizations.

Financial Aid

Learn about the many sources of financial aid and work-study opportunities available to all UA students through the University's Office of Student Financial Aid.

Student Employment

Students may find employment opportunities on or off campus. International students are limited to on-campus employment unless they participate in an internship program.


Graduate students are limited to internship opportunities which are reflected on transcripts as a Credit/No credit class. There are limited co-op options available for graduate students.

Tuition and Fees

To see the current tuition rates and fees for graduate students, visit the Office of Student Accounts page. CoB Graduate tuition table.

UA ARMY ROTC Scholarship

Scholarship opportunities are available to qualified College of Business graduate students through Army ROTC at The University of Akron. Through this scholarship, you can receive money for school and living expenses, plus world-class leadership training. Participation in Army ROTC provides:

  • Scholarship money to cover tuition and fees, books and some living expenses
  • Leadership training
  • Unique experiential educational experiences
  • Pathway to careers in the military and civilian life
We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Army ROTC at The University of Akron. Contact the Army ROTC Program to talk with a scholarship advisor.