Honors Colloquia and Sections

Graduate of the Honors College at The University of Akron

Honors Colloquia

Honors colloquia, designed exclusively for Honors students, are interdisciplinary seminars focused on increasing understanding of the primary concerns, intellectual traditions, and epistemologies of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Part of your requirements as an Honors student is to take three Honors colloquia— one in each of the three disciplines mentioned above—humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Colloquia are offered each fall and spring semester and frequently during summer sessions. The content of colloquia changes every semester, allowing for new and relevant topics to be addressed in these discussion-based seminars led by experts and specialists in the field.

List of Colloquia

Honors Sections

Honors sections are available for many course offerings at UA. These sections are structured to deliver course material to the advanced student. That might mean that the course moves more quickly and covers more material; that it goes more in depth into the material and moves a bit slower; or that it expects more output. For example an Honors English section might require additional papers beyond the standard English section because it is presumed that the advanced student will not need as much instruction on how to write, but will be well-prepared to write from the beginning of the course.

There are many advantages to taking Honors sections. They provide academic rigor; meaningful connections with faculty across disciplines; and a more in-depth understanding of the subject area.

List of Sections