Hazardous Waste Management

To better facilitate the safe and effective management of hazardous waste, The University of Akron utilizes an online Hazardous Waste Management System.   This system allows EOHS personnel to assist you in the timely disposal of waste materials after they have been appropriately identified, quantified, and placed in containers suitable for transport.

All requests for disposal must be submitted utilizing one of the following online forms specific to the type of waste you have generated.

All requests for radioactive waste pickup must be coordinated with the Radiation Safety Office at ext. 7766 or via email at mad151@uakron.edu.

Chemical/Commercial Product Waste Biological/Infectious Waste
Bulk Aqueous Waste Bulk Halogenated/Non-Halogenated Flammable Waste
Halogenated Waste Documentation Form Non-Halogenated Waste Documentation Form