Passion for sports keeps Anthony Nichols moving beyond the finish line



Anthony Nichols' journey at The University of Akron (UA) transcends the confines of a degree.

For this graduating senior, college has been more than a mere pursuit of academic excellence—it's been a journey where passion met possibility for Nichols through the merging of his love for sports with what he learned in the classroom and on the track as a championship-winning, three-sport distance runner for the Zips in the Mid-American Conference (MAC).

His passion for sports, further flamed during his time in a high school business and sports management program, guided his academic choices. But it was the unexpected allure of public relations that expanded his horizons.

“I have always had a deep passion for sports and knew I wanted my career to revolve around sports and eventually work in the front office of a professional sports organization,” said Nichols, a native of Silver Lake, Ohio. “The program I was involved with in high school extended my passion into wanting to know more about the mechanics of that industry.”

From the beginning, Nichols’ choice of major—sport management with a public relations minor—reflected his unswerving passion for sports. Yet, it was the serendipitous encounter with a public relations course that broadened his perspective, illuminating new avenues of opportunity.

“I stumbled upon my public relations minor sort of by chance through an introduction course and I realized I liked what I was learning about and wanted to have a deeper knowledge in that field,” said Nichols.

His college journey wasn't confined to the track or the classroom; it was a tapestry woven with internships, campus involvement and the relentless pursuit of personal growth.

"My experiences as an Akron Community Internship Program (ACIP) intern for the ZipsGuide social media and webpages to promoting all shops in downtown Akron gave me eye-opening opportunities to see what the process is like to finding and maintaining a job," Nichols shared. “Of course, I am still nervous about life after graduation and it seems intimidating, but my experiences have prepared me plenty.”

And in the whirlwind of college life, Nichols’ involvement extended far beyond academics.

Anthony Nichols graduates.

Senior Anthony Nichols says earning MAC championships as part of his college experience “has been a lasting memory.”

Athletics, with their demanding schedule and unwavering commitment, provided not just physical challenges but also a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to earn a degree. Earning multiple MAC Championships with my teammates has been a lasting memory. The 2023 Men’s Cross Country MAC Championship will be my fondest college memory. Despite a busy schedule being a distance runner in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track, participating in athletics provided invaluable experiences and lifelong friendships. It was demanding but overwhelmingly positive."

As Nichols prepares to embark on the next chapter of his journey—one that includes pursuing an MBA in UA’s College of Business—he reflects on the profound impact of his college experience. Through academics, athletics, and campus involvement, he has sculpted his own lane to be more than his major.

“I’m ready for the MBA program, and athletics have prepared me greatly through competition, being in a social setting and learning how to deal with adversity,” said Nichols. “There are some experiences gained through athletics that are not able to be replicated anywhere else and those experiences have allowed me to feel prepared for time after graduation.”

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