Student Spotlight: Amateur Radio Club


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The University of Akron (UA) is home to almost 300 student organizations, covering a wide range of interests and majors. Each of these groups has its unique mission and focus, offering students a wealth of opportunities to get involved on campus. To make it easier for students to find the perfect organization and explore their options, UA offers RooConnect, an online portal that lists student groups and upcoming activities.

To help students in their search for the “perfect” organization, UCM will be highlighting student-led organizations, by giving Q&As to club presidents or advisors.

Student Group: Amateur Radio Club

President: Connor Stumperth, a fourth-year civil engineering student

Q: What is the mission of the Amateur Radio Club?

A: The mission of the Amateur Radio Club is to teach the practical applications of radio communication and to educate the student community on the technological and legal aspects of amateur radio through building projects and participation in radio communication.

Q: What events, gatherings and activities does the Amateur Radio Club host?

A: Our weekly meetings are the main activities that the club hosts, but we do have some events planned for next semester. We will be doing project builds at future meetings and a campus-wide radio direction-finding event next semester.

Q: Why should a student join the Amateur Radio Club?

A: The Amateur Radio Club is a fun and laid-back group, and we do a ton of interesting projects and experiments based around radio and general electronics.

Q: How does Amateur Radio Club prepare students for their future careers?

A: On the technical side, having a basic knowledge of how radio operates is a useful skill to have. It also shows that a student is willing to take time to learn a new skill. Members also get experience talking with other amateur radio operators on the air from around the world and learning from the whole community.

Q: What is one goal the Amateur Radio Club hopes to achieve in the future?

A: One goal we have is to expand our membership to share this hobby of ours with more of the campus community.

Q: Where does the Amateur Radio Club meet, and what time?

A: We meet on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Auburn Science and Engineering Center (ASEC), room 530N.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say about the Amateur Radio Club?

A: Despite the technical nature of the club, it isn’t just for electrical and computer engineering students. I am a civil engineering student and I feel right at home. If you are at all interested, feel free to join us at one of our meetings!